The Random Labyrinth


Here is various remixis from various C64 games (as well from one Danish movie mixed in) and original tunes. This albums might updated with new singles based songs.

  • (1) A mixture of a very popular danish Olsen Gang Movies and Bobble Bobble.
  • (9) This original song was used to a webbing.
  • (12-13) This is from a homebrew Nintendo DS game. Original song.
  • (14) is the famouse song, which was originally called “Mbube”.
  • (16) very known danish kid song.
  • (18) a remix of a Amiga Cd32 game Fire & Ice.
  • (19) from homebrew game “Warhawk” for the Nintendo DS.
  • (21) a cover of a well know song.

Im have reverted in dec 2021 how its was looked like when im released it in 2016.
im did do added one song as its was released soon after (bad moon rising).
The removed songs and changes can now been heard in “The Second Maze” (song 3, 5, 20).

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