The Random Labyrinth


Here is various remixis from various C64 games (as well from one Danish movie mixed in) and original tunes. This albums might updated with new singles based songs.

  • (1)  Just a little bubble bobble attempt on the tittle screen rather than the millions of the ingame remix.
  • (2) This is a mixture of a very popular danish Olsen Gang Movies (Olsen Banden in danish) and Bobble Bobble. I did that way because I really loved both songs, and just for fun, I would see I could fit both in the same song.
  • (10) This song was used to a webbing.
  • (15) This is the famouse song, which in usa called “The Lions Sleeps Tonight”, which was actuelly stollen (originally created by Solomon Linda).
  • (16) This song is a remix, which was used in my club, where im play music for some years ago (when the tune was used).
  • (18) This is nice Danish kid song, used for a confirmation.
  • (20) This is a remix of a Amiga Cd32 game Fire & Ice (which used Red Book Music). There is some section created by me, but its heavy based from that game.

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