Karma Miwa

Karma Miwa Ouya LogoYou play a strange fragile flightless bird, who has been gone for too long and now wants to go home to its mate, which is far away.

However for unknown reasons, enemies are being lured and attracted the bird. The flightless bird needs to run and jump over many enemies and obstacles on its journey home to your mate. The bird trek is long and full of danger.

Can you help the bird to get home to your mate?

This game was heavily inspired by the classic game Snokie, which appeared on the Commodore 64 and Atari 800 back in th ’80s. While much of the basic gameplay is similar, the graphics, music and sound has been enhanced considerably and there are many newer enemy types.


  • Play As Miwa (slower) and Terry (faster), which each have two difficulties modes.
  • Once all lives are lost the game enters Practice Mode where you can continue the level in easy modes.
  • 2 hit system – the first contact with an enemy or water is non-fatal.
  • The game features 21 levels, spread over three different areas.
  • The game offers 2 methods of Touch Control – 4 point and joypad modes.
  • This game support MFi/iCade controllers on iOS.

How to Play:

  1. You can only move on plain landscape and floating platforms.
  2. You can only jump in either left or right, not up
  3. You cannot control your bird when its on a slope, or when its is in air.
  4. You cannot touch water or any moving enemy animals.This was the original version intended!

But in a update, you can now actuelly jump up and have limited control to get the game a easier game to play. Im did it since the game got some critics for that and im adjusted it.

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  • Alan Bostrup (Space Fractal) for the code, design etc.
  • Kasper Rubin for 2D Backgrounds.
  • Erico Patricio Monterio for 3D Sprites.
  • Beatscribe for the music and sound.

Thanks to:

  • Anders Klok, Headkaze, GreatFlash and Ian Price.
  • People that commented on my game at GlBasic forum (MrPlow, Sokurah, Slydog, Kanonet and other people from there).
  • 3/5/2023: This game can now been played in your browser, so while its got removed recently from the Google Play, you can now play that game again from the above link.

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