Sight of the Light (2022)

  • Coverart by Kasper Rubin. Thank you for the art! Im love it!
  • This is a UPDATED album from a 2003 version of Sight of the Light.
  • The plan for this album was to update the songs from the very old FruityLoops (around version 5-8 me think) to been playable in Fl-Studio 20.9.
  • Most external synths in the old is still used, but not all. Some must required to been replaced.
  • Some instruments diddent work and im have newer synths and instruments since that. Some songs is extended and/or updated.
  • Song nr 2 has been replaced, so there is no longer directl reference to the C64 cover.
  • The above song is actuelly a mix from Baggers in Space, where im personally have done all its tunes. Its a Spectrum Next game.
  • Im have choosen not to delete the old one this time.

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