I have created various music, often a title and a subtune for his games. I have not included a download for the tunes yet, but would do that soon. Anyway here is a list of games which contain my tunes:

I do really like the Binary Land remake very much, but I did never heard the original game. But that game ended been a cool game. Others games is also cool too, so check them out, they are all free.

His best effect might been the Spectrum Release by name Dingo (which I did not was a part of, but nice to see people doing games for old machines.

See you Soren.



Before I created music for Jungool, I did create a whole music album as well some tunes for 3 Nintendo DS games. While one of tune can been heard in full version, The Detective Game, its was created as a so called XM format in the game. XM format is something like Amiga Mod file format, just with more channels used.

Also I did a nice version of Warhawk DS theme, not the best of those many remixes out here, but still works pretty nice as ingame, which is most important of course.

The most exiting homebrew project Ninteno DS project was Manic Miner – The Lost Levels. The whole soundtrack can been downloaded in its own page, which contain both XM and MP3 versions.

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