Games in Glbasic:
Im have done 7 game in this language. They can now all been found and playable online at my itch.ok site.

Cave Heroes 2023 is the newest game, which is a rewritting 2009 game (but does have various new graphics), that was wrote in BlitzMax.

Rusty Pixel Spectrum Next games:

Recently Im have doen content and music to a Head Over Heels Remake, also for Spectrum Next.

Various games for Tardis Remakes! They are now pretty old, but still fun to visit them.

Im also have done music for some of the game by Sokurah. Games include is SQIJ 2018 for Spectrum (yes, its a much better version than the crap its was released on Spectrum, and is much more closely the original c64 game. Also have did various xmas tunes as well tunes for other games.


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