The Beagle Jam

The Beagle Jam is just a little kid (but not a easy) platform game using a well known cartoon dog from my old time and was done in few days (4 or 5 days). Its game is actuelly a DEMAKE and not a REMAKE.

This is a retro demake using Fairchild Channel palette from a old Commodore 64 game from 1984, and in of course just using 64×64 pixels play area (for Lowres Jam).

This game have 25 screens for the LowRes Jam version.

Hope you like this little game, and yes, this game was created totally for fun. Hence free.

The game can been found in this link and was used for the 64×64 pixels jam with a DOWNLOAD:

More info about this little game:

Im have no plans to but this game on Steam, since its was just a little fun project.

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