The Second Maze


  • Those songs here was all converted from old versions of FruityLoops to been runable on a FlStudip 20.8.
  • There was a vast of instruments that diddent work property and some is also required to been replaced.
  • This album also contain quite some early song from about 15 years ago as well newer songs.
  • This album contain various kinds of styles. Not all should been taken serious of course.
  • Some songs is reused from The Random Labyrint, but might sound a little bit difference of course.
  • There was also songs from my games, im choose not to in clude here because its was not done by me.
  • Song 4, 5, 11, 12, 15, 18, 23, 24 is all covers from various danish songs.
  • Song 3. 6 and 16 is a remix from various games and one also mixed in from a popular danish movie serie.
  • Song 9 was one of the earlist song im every did, and is a collection of 12 kid songs. So early im first did a midi version of it.
  • Song 20 is of course a cover from a quite popular english song, same with Song 8 with its danish name.
  • Song 19 is also a little bit of a take on a another kid song, but with a chiken theme in it as its used in a game.
  • Rest is originals, even those that might have been used in a game (like some games from as well mine).
  • 19-04-2022: Updated 5 songs (song 03,06, 11, 12 and 18).

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