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Space Fractal
is the nickname I use on the net. I am a guy living in Denmark who is interesed in creating games, applications, and also music.

Im have created various iOS, Android and Steams games and apps. In the past im did focus for games for iOS and Android, but im do stopped doing apps in 2017 back in time (but in 2020 have refocus on Android again with 4 of the games). Im have no plans to bring them back to iOS, due Apple have dropped OpenGL support, and im have no longer a Mac.

Recently in 2018, im did have focus games on Windows only as well some times also doing music and stuff for Spectrum Next games, recently with Rusty Pixels UK. Here im have done a wast of tunes for the Spectrum Next,

In 2021 im still doing Spectrum Next stuff, but also added various tunes on my homepage recently.

In 2023 around march, im have got ports of all my glbasic games as a WebGl browser game and does now published them to my spacefractal.itch.com account.

That means while im might have removed them from the Android Google Play, you can now instead play them throught browser. The only downside is, the games might needs a bit newer hardware. Im do love the platform. Im have missed doing browser games really.

The newest game is Cave Heroes 2023 that recently got released in may 2023. Yep is a report of a blitzmax game to glbasic.

In 2024 im did various songs using the original voice. This mightbeen a copyright issue. If you as record label not like it, let me know. Those songs was only done for purely fun, nothing else. Just like all other remixes that using no voices.

Alan Bostrup AKA Space Fractal
email: bostrup<snapela>spacefractal.com