Seesaw Circus

A little Freeware with Blitz Max source code included. No warranty.

Version 2.0 Beta 2 – Second Release (see source code for changes)


  • A Little remark from a old arcade game by Exidy (you can find the Rom’s on MAME site).
  • Since it a version 2.0, That because I (Space Fractal) have created a java version eailer.
  • This game is released as GNU and hence all source code is included.


  • Mouse/Spinner (X axis only.
  • If you press LEFT BUTTON to start a new game, the game autochange the control to the mouse and disable joystick in that game. LEFT BUTTON is used to switch  your man to the other side.
  •  Analog Joystick (A harder game).
  • If you press any JOYSTICK BUTTON to start a new game, that button would been auto assigned as your switch button to turn around your seesaw (and disable the mouse). This game also auto change joystick port, if you have pressed JOYSTICK BUTTON to.

Free Download:

Credits & Quit: 

  • Credits and Quit is assigned to same key as the arcade emulator MAME does.
  • “5” to add one credit (as default, changeable)
  • “6” to add two credits (as default, changeable)
  • ESCAPE to QUIT directly (but save hiscore etc).

You cannot remap those keys directly, but those are used as M.A.M.E (TM) defaults. If your have BlitzMax, you can also recompile its with remapped keys as well.


  • Open config.ini in your notepad application and change to feed your need. There are description, what they does.

Released to:

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