Chip Songs

Commodore 64:
Im have created various sid songs, and even albums with sid song. Sid is that sound chip which is contain on a old computer named Commodore 64.

Since im have done many songs, im have created various subpages with sids.

All songs here is done in SidTracker 64 on iPad with a 50hz setting.

Also recently im also done various AY songs as well. The chip you hear on the Spectrum 128 as well Spectrum Next (which have 3 of them). Some of the tunes here is also dual AY as well.

Of course im was a more a Commodore 64 than a Spectrum. Etc im newer really liked the beeper at all, nor im property not do that (howover im did simulate a beeper in AY on one of the songs throught). But AY songs is actuelly very fun to do and different. That even its a simpler chip than the Commodore 64 one. Here all songs is created in the tracker app “Vortex” on Windows.

PS. The Spectrum section is being uploaded so very soon.


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