Cave Heroes

A Freeware game with source code and no installation required to Windows (compiled myself) and Linux (Thanks DanO).


  • This game is based on the old Atari 2600 game named H.E.R.O. by Activision.
  • This game comes with retro gfx as well oldschool PC graphics (modne).
  • Users can create custom levels with hiscore support (using a paint application).
  • A complete 100% freeware game.
  • A 100% cabinet friendly game without any onscreen config or such (they are hidden).
  • 20 levels from the original games + 15 speciel costume levels.

Default Control:

  • Arrow Keys to move hero.
  • Left Control or Space to shoot (Left Shift on MAC)
  • Left Alt to set a bomb (Arrow down on MAC).
  • Down to set a bomb can eventuelly to been used if mapped in config.ini
  • Escape to set to pause in gameplay or exist to desktop if not (or in pause menu).

These controls can all been remapped in the config.ini


Open config.ini in your notepad application and change to fill your need.
There are descriptions of what they do.

Released to:

  • Retro Remakes
  • Build Your Own Arcade Controls

Free game Download:

Please Note:

  • 2023: Im have rewritting this game in glbasic, which can been found on my site, called Cave Heroes 2023. Im will still left this old version of course.
  • 2022: Im have suddently just wanted this game so its has the possible to run on a Steam Deck, howover still not created a real Linux version. But 2 small bugs and gamepad support has been added for the game.CaveHero_SteamBanners
  • 2018: Windows Version was in many years for some reasons gone, but its back again (include source code and all). Linux and mac was still worked, also was include with the BlitzMax source code. the game still works pretty fine under Windows 10, but have no plans to release this  game to steam at all.


Created by Space Fractal (
Sprites by Psyren (

Please note:

Source code in BlitzMax is now included from version 0.9d. You are NOT allowed to change the credits in the code.

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