Spectrum: Various AY Songs

Here is various AY songs, which im have created recent years while working in Spectrum Next titles:

  • AY is FUN, even its a more simple chip than the excellent sid chip! More fun than excepted.
  • Im is Currectly working stuff for Spectrum Next.
  • Some tunes is in TurboSound mode, etc is using 2 ay chips (Dual AY). Spectrum Next can play them.
  • Spectrum Next can now play mod files, but still not tested while playing together with Dual AY. So the Song 18 is a experiment from a old Space Taxi game im did.
  • Im have removed a Lemmings song from this page. You can listing to the whole album, how its could have been head when Lemmings came to Spectrum Next.

Updated 29-09-2020

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