Arcade Music Box

Change your M.A.M.E. compatible arcade cabinet to a Jukebox machine!

This is a simple Virtual Jukebox, Music Video and a Karaoke player with your digital music collection for your game room.

Unlike a normal software media player, Arcade Music Box is act like a jukebox, and this is on fullscreen.

Arcade Music Box was buildt for cabinets with limited controllers (like a joystick, and very few buttons) in mind, and it can been controlled with a gamepad and mouse.

Arcade Music Box have a very simple Touch Screen suppport with only used a 3 Button “Elevator” type.

Arcade Music Box have a support for all major music files, and have suppport for radio streams.

Arcade Music Box support skins (but by now, no skin tool are aviable, but is easy to edit layout.cfg files your self).


  • Arcade Music Box is fully skinable.
  • Arcade Music Box act like a MS Explorer.
  • Arcade Music Box support both Horizontal and vertical.
  • Arcade Music Box are Inspirated by MAMEWAH.
  • Arcade Music Box only need 3 inputs to operate.
  • Arcade Music Box support keyboard, joystick and mouse.
  • Arcade Music Box support the most known file formats.
  • Arcade Music Box support ID3 tags (both v1 and v2).
  • Arcade Music Box support Broadcast radio stations.
  • Arcade Music Box do have a Atari 2600 like screensaver.
  • Arcade Music Box support 2 credits modes (song & time).
  • Arcade Music Box can add a whole album at the time.
  • Arcade Music Box have a “name that song” buildt in minigame.
  • Arcade Music Box support multi language.
  • Arcade Music Box can index all files (faster browsing).
  • Arcade Music Box do have a simple search feature.
  • Arcade Music Box support CDG Karaoke files.
  • Arcade Music Box support Touch screen (only 3 buttons).
  • Arcade Music Box support BASS extra decoder Plugins.
  • Arcade Music Box support Music Vidoes.
  • Arcade Music Box support Dual Screen to show CDG and Videos.
  • Arcade Music Box support have primary winamp plugin support.
  • Arcade Music Box Support genre via shortcuts (created automatic).

This is a old software and is discounted, but still works great.

Free Download:


There is one known bug:

  • Volume does not work, but you can use VolumeTray to override that bug.

Arcade Music Box 2 License:

Except where otherwise noted, all of the documentation and software included in the Arcade Music Box package is copyrighted by Space Fractal (Denmark)

Copyright (C) 2004-2005 Space Fractal (Denmark). All rights reserved.

This software is provided “as-is,” without any express or implied warranty. In no event shall the author be held liable for any damages arising from the use of this software.

Permission is granted to anyone to use this software for any purpose, including commercial products. If you want to redistribute it with your product in hardware or download form, you must follow these conditions:

•HARDWARE: You can redistribution Arcade Music Box with your product (like MAME cabs), and use another skins than these Arcade Music Box standard. You must just told me about that with a url (and maybe pay me). •DOWNLOAD: You can upload Arcade Music Box to your download site, using the unmodificed setup package (no skin change are allow here). If youhave made a speciel skin to your site, you can upload it to your download site as a bonus download. •SKINS: If you have a Arcade Music Box skin site, just link back to from your link section, and info me. I will maybe link back to you from my link section. No Porn or like are allowed (even in the ads or link), and these do I NOT link back to. •The Execuables itself may not been modificed or hacked on any way. My Name and Url must be displayed on the Control Panel.

Space Fractal sf-2004-2005 AT


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